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Remarketing in Adwords

Remarketing is a way to target your adverts to only the people who have been to your website before.

where can it be used?

To be able to use this feature in Adwords, you need to have a list of at least 1000 customers.

Some businesses might struggle to get this number of customers in a month due to a low sales high price products. To counter this you can extend the length of time a customer stays on your remarketing list up to a maximum of 540 days. Though I would advise caution as many of these customers might turn sour after being bombarded with adverts for so long.

For search campaigns a remarketing lists membership duration is truncated to 180 days. Just something to keep in mind when setting yours up. And yes, you can use remarketing lists for search adverts. But they usually are populated at a slower rate.

You can either bid higher for customers on your remarketing lists within an existing campaign. Or you can create specific adverts and show them only to your remarketing customers. Things like a 10% off voucher offer, or free shipping.

Since your remarketing audience has shown interest in your product or service in the past you don’t need to target granular searches in order to reach them and feel confident that the search is relevant to you.

For example a company selling luxury suits has built a remarketing list by targeting keywords based around luxury and high end. But once the remarketing list is built, they can be confident that the people on there are interested in luxury since they searched for and clicked on your adverts in the first place (or visited organically). So when they create a campaign targeting this remarketing list, they target a broad match keyword, “suit” and know that it will only show to people interested in their quality suits but attain maximum reach in that remarketing list.

The most well known method for using a remarketing list is in the display network. You target your remarketing list and your adverts follow those people around from website to website. Pretty basic and pretty simple. But what you should also consider is Dynamic remarketing. With the right tracking code and setup the right way, your remarketing list will remember which pages of your website your customers visited and then dynamically generate an advert based on a template you create, and fill it will information and products which were on the pages your customer visited.

This opens up massive opportunities. Sort of like another form of cart abandonment emails, you show customers the products and prices they were looking at their previous visit. You can even exclude remarketing lists from targeting. Meaning you can build one which includes only customers who have converted so that you don’t bug loyal customers. There are lots of opportunities to be creative with your targeting and get great results.

You can even use dynamic adverts if you aren’t an eCommerce business. It involves using business data found in the shared library and a bit of setting up, but if your campaigns need a revamp consider including this whilst you’re at it.

Be Creative

So you can use remarketing lists on the search and display network in any campaign type. Including shopping, Gmail and Youtube. Be creative with them, but also be careful of sending hundreds of visitors to your site just to populate your list. They might not be interested.



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