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What is an Ad Customiser?

If you already spend some time working on an Adwords account you may have used keyword insertion before. Ad customisers work in the same way, but it is your data you are pulling into the advert.

For people who are new to keyword insertion it works like this. When you are writing your advert you start typing a curly bracket “{“ and you will see a white box like the one shown below.

You then have to choose either “Countdown”, which will walk you through inserting a timer counting down to a special event or creating that sense of urgency by tell people your sale is ending in exactly 5 hours; or choose “Keyword insertion”, which, once you’ve set it up, will pull the keyword that triggered the ad through into the advert when it shows.

So ad customisers work the same way as keyword insertion except for the data being pulled through is your own custom data.

What can ad customisers be used for?

Ad customisers are very flexible and when in the hands of a creative person there can be all sorts of uses. The uses will also vary from business to business but some basic examples are listed below:


  • Accurate prices in adverts - especially useful for businesses which update their pricing often with offers.
  • Product names - useful in businesses with many products with the same attributes.
  • Product attributes - can work with names to save time.


So just for a clearer picture, imagine a business selling TVs. TVs have the same attributes, things like size, technology, brand, price etc. So if we wanted to save time we would create ad customisers and then use two ad templates in all adgroups to a/b test and save time.

The template could look something like this.

And this would mean you could product unlimited variations of this advert as long as you have the products to advertise. But one example of an advert this would produce is:

And this could produce an advert for any product and accurately show prices, models, sizes and more!

All you would have to do is copy and paste that same template into all your Adgroups.

Though I must mention that Adwords needs you to have at least one advert without ad customisers in each Adgroup.

Why bother when I could just write what I want in the advert instead?

The main advantage of ad customisers is that when you change the customiser data, you don’t lose the historic data of the advert.

But there are other advantages as well. Such as:

- Time saving on big accounts

- Limits human error

- Can produce highly relevant adverts

So what are you waiting for? If you have an idea on how to use Ad Customisers in your account head over to the Google Adwords Help Page.


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