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iD30 gets RAR status

RAR Recommended Agency

Only companies who score above the RAR threshold become recommended and are included in the register. The results provide a unique and invaluable insight into the experiences of other clients with particular suppliers.

As part of Carnyx Group, a marketing and media information specialist, RAR covers every aspect of the UK marketing sector. It provides online searchable information free of charge to brand owners looking for agencies and has a team of specialist agency selection professionals who assist brand owners on an individual level, using the wealth of information contained in their database.

RAR gathers information from companies across the spectrum of marketing services, with details of key clients, resources and key staff, sector experience, case histories and company finances all captured.

Uniquely, we also measure a company's level of customer satisfaction, asking clients to rate their suppliers across eight key criteria:

  1. Client service
  2. Creativity/innovation
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Professionalism
  5. Strategic thinking
  6. Value for money
  7. On Time
  8. On Budget

We believe that customers are the best judge of any product or service, so suppliers are recommended not for what services they offer, but for the services clients recommend in the research. This ensures that RAR highlight the true key strengths for each supplier. For instance, a supplier may offer a range of services such as Advertising, Design, Digital, PR and Direct Marketing. To be recommended for all these services, agencies must receive two ratings above the RAR threshold for each service


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