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eCommerce opportunities are increasing everywhere

If you have an eCommerce business you may be looking to expand, of course websites are accessible worldwide but to really expand into a new country you will need to tailor a bespoke version of your website.

Before you start you will need to ask yourself some questions such as:

Does the new country speak a different language? Are there any aspects of the culture you can support? Is there anything which could offend on the current version of the website? Do you need to find new local suppliers? Does your normal delivery company operate in that country? Do you need a warehouse closer to the country to cut down on shipping costs? And many more…

Brick and mortar stores just don’t have the reach of a website; make a professional website and you can reach any person in the world who has access to the internet or have a brick and mortar store and you can reach the footfall of one city. Strangely enough the website will cost much less, and yet done right will have far more value than any brick and mortar store.

If you operate a solely English website you might want to consider some other languages of our neighbours in mainland Europe, especially since from a business opportunities point of view it would make sense to do it.

And if you don’t believe that the opportunities are there just take a look at the eCommerce markets rapid growth shown in this infographic by RetailMeNot



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