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Why Instagram is where you should advertise

Instagram is a newbie to the social media space, if you haven’t heard of it, Instagram focuses on sharing photos in posts and doesn’t allow text only posts, oh and it’s doing very well for itself.

So well that it has grown into a huge opportunity for showcasing products and brands, and now that they have recently launched Instagram ads, brands can easily become visible to millions of highly engaging potential customers.

Not convinced that Instagram is where you should be advertising? Keep reading, I might just change your mind.

Massive Growth

The graph below shows Instagram’s rise from its launch in September 2010.

Although Facebook is way out on top, Instagram has more than tripled their active users in 2 years, which wouldn’t be that impressive on its own, however this has caused Instagram to peek above Twitter in December last year.

Currently either could be ahead, because Twitter released slightly higher active user numbers just after Instagram released theirs. My bet is on Instagram, it’s growth is so rapid that it has got to the same active users as Twitter in 4 years, that is half the 8 years Twitter took.

You can’t help but be impressed that in the short time Instagram has been around it has already made it into the top five social networks.



Another survey carried out on the same area by Pew Research Center showed slightly different results.

According to this survey, Instagram is the fastest growing social network in terms of the percentage of internet users it has captured in 2014. Another 9% of internet users have made an account and used Instagram this year, Facebook is stuck on 71 percent but is still on top by a long way.


Extreme Engagement

Based on the statistics provided by Facebook there are 4.75 billion items shared and 4.5 billion likes each day. So by my calculations that’s just under 1 like per share.

However, Instagram say there are 70 million photos shared and 2.5 billion likes per day, which works out to be more than 35 likes per photo… woah.

It’s easy to compare these two on just this information but we have to take into account that there are comments and shares which might contribute to overall engagement, as well as Facebook having text posts which might be less engaging than pictures.

But even so, this is a massive amount of likes per post and I’m guessing even if you measure just the likes for Facebook pictures it will still not measure up to Instagram’s number of likes.

When a person visits Instagram they want to see pictures and will expect to see only picture based posts, on Facebook it can be a mixture of things or they might not even know what they are looking for, so pictures shown on Instagram satisfy their visitors need more accurately, whereas on Facebook, pictures may not be what many visitors are there for and so they are going to be less likely to like the picture.

That is probably part of the reason for the high engagement on Instagram.

The Twitter number in the graph above is from a tweet by the outgoing general manager for the UK, Tony Wang, which said that there are 14 million mobile users of Twitter in the UK plus 80% of Twitter users in the UK use mobile which means there are 17.5 million users in the UK total.

Instagram is also doing very well in the UK, and if a social network can gain new members this fast when big players like Facebook and Twitter have been around for so long, you can be pretty certain that Instagrams users aren’t afraid to try something new and that something new could be your product if you advertise there.


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