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Personalisation in eCommerce

This is only for you… because you are our favourite, special and unique visitor! Okay maybe that’s not a very good example of personalisation, but maybe you can do better, and with what this infographic from Monetate says, why wouldn’t you try?

Maybe you should personalise?

After reading that, the message that will be burning in your brain right now is to personalise everything, and fast! Find out who reserved those socks online and wash them in their favourite brand of soap before they arrive to collect them!… now you should be slamming the breaks on pretty hard.

That’s pretty creepy, right? Personalisation that includes details you shouldn’t know about the customer. Click Accenture surveyed 1000 American customers on this subject and found that over 70% know that retailers are tracking them and 52% are uncomfortable with it.

As I’m sure you know, not abusing this information by selling it or making creepy personalisation offers is the way to ensure long term trust from a customer. Overall try to think about the customer and respecting their personal boundaries, as you would if you were approaching them as yourself whilst not representing a business.

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