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Free shipping or a discount?

Free shipping vs discounts

When convincing a customer to make the big step to buy a product companies will use incentives like money off, buy one get one free, free shipping etc. Do you use any of these?

Bluehornet have provided information from a survey showing which method customers prefer overall, and as a bonus, the different preferences in different ages of free shipping vs a percentage discount.

Discount seems to be favoured across all demographics with a combined 64.4%, money off the price is the preferred method of discount rather than a percentage which seems to be slightly less preferred than free shipping.

But if we look at this last graph we can see that preferences sway quite dramatically with younger people preferring a percentage discount and older people preferring free shipping.

So with these facts on your side you can tempt customers with better discounts...aim for a discount in general, but if you know the age of your target audience you now know the offer preference too.

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