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6 channels to provide customer service

Customer Service

Online businesses use a variety of customer service channels to help solve problems, most use almost all the options as it makes it easier for customers with different preferences to have their problems solved, leaving no one out.

Scan through the different customer service channels below and read through for more details about each one, or if you really don’t have time check out the quick infographic at the bottom.

1. FAQ

Frequently asked questions will, as they say, be asked frequently; so why waste time answering the same questions again and again? Recording the questions asked by customers to then group them and display them and their answers for customers to access easily will save so much time, as well as providing a no effort customer service!


Live chat is preferred by many customers to get answers quickly, without having to talk on the phone. It does mean having someone ready to answer the live chat, but how is that different than having someone ready to answer a phone?

Live chat can appear as a little box in the bottom right hand corner of a website, or the arguable less annoying but less visible separate webpage linked to from the contact us section.


Email is a simple way to let your customers ask you questions, just make your email address visible somewhere on your site and shout out you are ready to help with any questions. Be sure to answer questions within a reasonable amount of time to increase conversions.


Having a phone number is probably the most commonly offered customer service channel, and many people will think that this will cover any customers with questions. However think about people who don’t have enough time to have the whole conversation at once, and seeing no options that match them, they leave. Some people want to be able to just type their questions so that they don’t hold up the whole living room with a phone call or have to go somewhere quieter.

Phone calls aren't always the most convenient.


As social media increases in popularity many companies have set up a customer service channel ready to answer questions with convenience and relative speed. By far the biggest benefit of social media is the exposure; no other channel can match this.

Imagine solving a problem in full view of thousands of people, or maybe a customer is just complaining about your company, responding in a positive way can show people that your company cares and most likely repair most of the damage the original problem caused.


Using multiple customer service channels can be a lot of work. Providing a consistent experience throughout all channels is essential as many channels now become a record of your answers. To save time and ensure you answer questions the same way, why not refer back to a different channel?


And now the infographic from salesforce desk (Infographics deserve their own title)

If you need any help with your customer service channels, feel free to contact us at iD30.


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