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How to optimise your landing page for the 4 modalities of people

The aim of a landing page is to provide the perfect combination and balance of visuals and text information to draw in the most customers who would be likely to purchase a product further in the website.

If you sell a range of products to a range of target audiences your landing page is especially important, as it must use the limited space to appeal to customers, who might be put off by some products and drawn in by others.

As well as these differing customer preferences there is also the customers buying modality to consider, as shown in the picture below from Bryan Eisenberg’s book, Call to Action.

Including aspects which appeal to all four modalities in your design will ensure you maximise the amount of customers who go on to purchase.


To appeal to the Competitive


Give them the choice

What can your product do for them?

Include questions (they seek answers)

State your achievements and awards with badges and ribbons

To appeal to the Spontaneous


State anything that is a timesaver

Reassure them with guarantees, returns and insurance information

Have a simple flow to the information

Use three simple steps, easy as 1 2 3

Include timers for offers e.g. purchase before 1pm for next day delivery

Help them choose to save time


To appeal to the Methodical


Provide more details further down the page as they are the only ones who read that far

Details need to be accurate

Don't mind ugly design as long as it is organised

Back up your claims or they will back fire


To appeal to the Humanistic


Advertise customer service and live chat

Include storytelling

Be creative

Use testimonials to show how other people like them have enjoyed the product



A brilliant example of a paragraph that appeals to all four is from a presentation by Angie Schottmuller. The highlighted colour shows which modality that part appeals to.

Our approach is personalised to meet your objectives. Bottom line, your results are guaranteed. Explore our methodology to discover how thousands of clients just like you have been delighted.

Try and explain what your business does in a way which appeals to all four modalities. Using what Angie Schottmuller called "power verbs" will help condense and clarify your messages.

Your landing page is the most important part of your website to arrange this way, however it is reccomended to use this throughout your whole website on all of your web pages.

Need help with landing page optimisation? We are here to help at iD30...



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