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Colours display a message too

In the middle of a rebranding?

Are you in the middle of choosing a new set of colours for your brand or website? Do you want to understand more about the effect your current colours may be having on site visitors? The impact colours have could surprise you...

The impact of colours

It is true that people generally have a colour preference and this may influence which brands they are drawn to the most. However check out the picture below from the logo company to see the general impression colours have on people.

Wow, so all these colours have all these individual impressions on people! What if we used every colour imaginable on our website? Well apart from your website probably not looking that nice, the mixture of colours will also send a mixed message. We are not saying this has no chance of leading to success, but as most of the top brands in the world favour a simpler colour choice you could relate that to their success.

Choosing a colour scheme

Now we need to think about what colours to choose and the first step in this is taking a look at the colour wheel. This version has been designed in a way that shows the relationship between each colour. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is used more often in design today than the traditional RYB (red, yellow, blue), think of the colours you use to fill up your printer, this is mostly to avoid the use of white and simplify creating colours. Note I've not gone into light colour theory, for our purposes it is not needed.

Interestingly, although RYB is more popular with artists, some use CMY and dont even need to use white!

Picking colours that go together on this wheel might seem difficult as there are but there are several formations of colours that generally go together.

Complimentary – Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Monochromatic – Several shades of the same colour.

Adjacent or Analogous colours – One base colour with one either side.

Triad – A base colour and two more colours on the oposite half of the circle.

Tetrad or Compound – Two sets of complimentary colours


So which colours do you think speak for your brand? Try this colour scheme maker

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