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Product Reviews

Did you know product reviews can massively influence a purchase?

If a customer is on your product page weighing up the decision of whether or not to buy, scrolling down to a reviews section and reading other people’s experiences can help them feel confident in the product they are buying.

Reviews are especially important in online sales as the customer cannot physically see or feel the product, which would usually make them more at ease when buying. Though it is true that some people research products online before making a purchase in store, customers are far more likely to research a product online whilst they are already at their computer attempting to buy from a website.


One of the most powerful influences of customer loyalty is trust. A customer who trusts a company is much more likely to stay loyal to that brand and return to buy more products in the future, as well as being more likely to make that first buy.

Product reviews can provide an unbiased experience of that product in a real situation from a real customer. If a review matches up to the product description made by the company, trust is built between the person looking to buy and that brand.

There is much more to be thinking about, but for now take a look at this infographic by Social Media Link!


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