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Cart Abandonment!

For a variety of reasons many eCommerce consumers will abandon their purchase at the shopping cart page. To realise the full impact check out this infographic.


How many people abandon me?

If you haven’t already, we suggest you use Google Analytics funnel to track how many cart abandonments your website incurs. This number can be used with your average order value to calculate potential revenue lost from cart abandonments. But this number isn’t definitely lost; with the use of cart abandonment emails you can recover some of these potential customers by giving them a convenient way to resume their purchase.

Imagine you are relaxing on the sofa, browsing a shopping website, and after finding all your desired products you head for the checkout, but… oh no! It’s asking for card details and you know where that is… all the way across the house!! Deciding it is just too far to go right now you put your device down and resume the hefty task of relaxing, with the memory of your once desired products drifting out of your mind. BUT THEN! The next day as you sit down for your lunch you sift through your emails to find a friendly, attractive email from the site you visited last night. One click and you are back to your checkout with the same items in your cart, but you are ready this time… your card is in arms reach. You live happily ever after with the products you desire arriving with next day delivery guaranteed*.

*For purchases made before 1pm and in reality.

Cart abandoners have spent time on your website and put the effort in to place items in the cart (They’ve shown you what these are), this information makes them more valuable than the average visitor.

So how should you approach your cart abandoner?

Whichever method you choose, you should consider how many emails you plan to send, you’ll want to try to avoid nagging the customer and doing more damage.

The simplest way to approach a cart abandoner is to send a single email inviting them back to view their cart after leaving. This will help customers who may have unintentionally abandoned their cart to return with no hassle. Make sure this email has your contact number visible, and stated that they can call for help with the check out if they need.

To add more incentive, additional emails should include offers, such as:

  • Current offers you have available to all

  • A new offer just for cart abandoners which is limited to 1 offer per timescale

Offering free or reduced postage can work very well in bringing customers back to complete their orders.

Funny is good

Including humour in these emails can make it feel less like a robot is churning out thousands of impersonal messages, making the email more engaging and friendly.

You can relate the humour to your brand, expanding the customer’s image of your business and making your brand more memorable.

So are you going to try cart abandonment emails? We wouldn't want your eshop being cluttered with abandoned carts. Why not contact us and see if we can help?


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