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Don't panic about Google's 'Mobilegeddon'

Don’t panic…

As the Media explodes with stories of Google’s Mobilegeddon people will start to panic about the future prospects of their business. Will I lose all my customers? Will my brand get bad reviews because the website isn’t mobile friendly? Will I go bankrupt? You should not panic; you have time to change your website if you need to. Some useful information can be found on a previous blog post here.

Google’s Mobilegeddon Calming Facts:

  1. This change affects only mobile searches on Google.
  2. By “mobile” Google doesn’t include tablets, just smartphones.
  3. The changes aren’t immediate and will roll out over the next few weeks starting from the 21st April.
  4. Single page’s ranks are changed rather than a whole site’s.
  5. The changes can be made at any time unlike previous algorithm changes.
  6. Even non mobile friendly sites can rank high on Google if they have great content for the query.

If your website ranked high on Google search results before this change and it isn’t within Google’s definition of mobile friendly, you might see it drop in ranks on Google mobile search if websites with similar content are mobile friendly; but Google themselves have stated “even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank high if it has great content for the query.”

Does it matter how I make my website Mobile friendly?

There are three ways to configure your mobile site presently:

  1. Responsive web design (Google’s suggested configuration)
  2. Dynamic serving
  3. Separate URLs

Regardless of which configuration you choose for your mobile site Google will use the same tool to determine mobile friendliness; that means that even though options 2 and 3 have separately designed web pages for each device and may redirect or not use the same URL, they have the same chance of being mobile friendly as option 1.

We suggest that use this information as a bullet proof vest to defend against scaremonger’s bullets of panic and use the time to make the best decision.

If you think you might need a mobile friendly website, contact iD30!


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