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Could your Business benefit from Social Media?

7.7% of visits to your site could be from social networks, according to Experian Marketing Services.

Social Media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest are driving more and more traffic to retail sites, and with an increase from 6.6% of traffic last year to 7.7% this year, it is increasing fast. This along with online sales in the UK set to increase 15% in 2015 and leading Europe in value of sales, you have to ask yourself the question ‘could my business benefit from a greater presence on social media sites?’ let us find out...

Check out this infographic by branchingouteurope to get some quick facts.

There are some small questions we need to look at in order to answer this big question.

1. Is my business something people will look at on social networks?

Some businesses will find that with little effort their popularity on social networks grows fast, others will find that the exact opposite happens for them, after far more effort they don’t see as much growth in popularity. For small businesses with little resources it is important to spend time and effort on what will be most beneficial to your business.

2. What is the age of my target market?

Experian Marketing Services suggest that more people aged 18-35 visit social networks at least once a week at 78% compared to the average of 58%. These percentages are based on U.S. adults, however the trends are likely to be similar in the UK, and with the UK seeing the highest percentage of online sales in the world this information has more impact. These percentages suggest that businesses with a younger target market will have a larger percentage of that audience in reach on a social network. So if you have a product targeted at people aged 18-35 you might have more success with a social media campaign.

3. Is my product popular on Social Networks?

Unless you have a one of a kind product you can most likely find something in the category of products you sell on a social network. You can use the number of likes, shares and follows of that product as an indicator of how much of your target market you can find on social networks. The more the better!

So should I try?

Most businesses could benefit from a social media campaign if the campaign is successful of course, however because of the amount of different factors that are involved in a successful social network campaign there is no definite yes or no answer to the question ‘Should my business start a social media campaign?’ some things to consider are: do you have the resources, are there enough potential customers in reach and is my product something that is talked about a lot?


Remember if you decide against a social media campaign all the figures above are set to increase so the answer might be different in 6 months, or even less! So ensure you reassess often.

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