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Google is making a change to searches

So it’s April 21st and by now you may know the famous search engine Google is making a change to searches that occur on smartphones. Tablet and Desktop search results will be unaffected.

Google have made the decision to use their mobile friendly website rating to change the order in which websites appear when a search is carried out on a mobile device. This means that the more mobile friendly a website is the further up the list this website might be.

We say might because a website being more mobile friendly than another doesn’t guarantee a higher spot on the search results. This is because there are many other factors which are taken into account when deciding the order of search results. These include terms on websites, the freshness of content, your region and PageRank.


What ID30 Suggests

Before you start worrying if this affects you, try using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to find out how Google sees your website. If it says not mobile friendly don’t rush a decision or panic, all websites created by ID30 can be viewed on a mobile device, this test is concerned with the responsive design aspect of a website. We suggest you read on and make an informed decision on whether you need a more mobile friendly website.

Google says my website is not mobile friendly, what next?

First consider how your customers find you? This will vary from business to business. Most likely search engines will not account for 100% and Google currently holds around 85% of the UK search engine share market.

Next consider that around 50% of all Google searches are carried out on a mobile device and only these search results will be affected. Note that some businesses will experience more or less than 50% due to the nature of their business. For example it would be reasonable for a building contractor to expect less than 50% of people searching for their website whilst only in reach of a mobile device.

Now consider the nature of your own business and how likely users are to be searching for your business on a mobile device rather than a laptop or desktop. If you have a physical retail store, customers will often use a mobile device to search for any stores near them and opening times whilst out and away from a desktop or laptop.

In  any case the best thing to do is check your analitics and any conversion track or marketing campaigns you have in place; this infomation can give you a good report on your website traffic.

How iD30 can help make your website more mobile friendly

If you do decide your business needs a more mobile friendly website, for free iD30 will be more than happy to take a look over your website and recommend the best option for you.



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