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iD30 Christmas Party 2014

Its that time of year again!!


It's been established as an iD30 tradition to start the Christmas Do off with a Go Kart Race. The highly anticipated event didn't disappoint. Rules state that it's a non contact race with no overtaking when a yellow flag is being waved. Failure to listen during the pre-race induction meant members of the team were left either sitting in the "sin bin" which cost them the race, or spinning out of control from an illegal collision by certain people ("ahem" Dave). Anyway we all had fun and enjoyed the race

Here is the official result:
Winner - Dave
2nd - Michael
3rd - Adam
4th - Danny
5th - Mick
6th - Kraig

See the pics of Dave celebrating victory, The "Christmas" Podium and some race highlights.


After the success of the Go Kart race, the team moved onto phase 2 of the epic Christmas Do by heading off into Leeds for a scheduled table at the popular The Alchemist - Trinity Leeds No better way to celebrate than with a mad hatters tea party with the finest china surrounded by dry ice and cocktails. The night was complete once the zombie showed up (red drink)



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